Kenya Nyamweya lauds President Ruto for supporting AFC Leopards, Gor Mahia and Shabana FC

On Wednesday, President William Ruto while meeting AFC Leopards who are planning to commemorate their six decades in Kenyan football expressed his support for the development of community clubs into corporate entities.

He also proposed that the community clubs build stadia under the Talanta Program which will see them become self-sustaining and income-generating ventures. Through this initiative; the President believes that it will not only be part of his Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) that emphasizes the importance of grassroots sports development but also make the most followed clubs in fan support have where they call home.

By investing in community clubs, he aims to nurture talent and provide opportunities for the young people of Kenya to showcase their skills. I would like to congratulate the President for the directive to the Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba to develop a Cabinet Memorandum to give the clubs land at Kasarani for the development of their stadiums.

Kenyans can recall that when I was President of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF), I gave AFC and Gor Mahia land at the expansive Kasarani to build their stadiums. This move is laudable. The three AFC, Gor, and Shabana make up the football fan base of Kenya.

This declaration will contribute to the country’s infrastructure development, creating jobs and boosting the local economy. This investment will also improve the overall quality of sports facilities available in Kenya.

It will also see great talent development. With better infrastructure, community clubs can attract more players and coaches, leading to improved performance and increased chances of discovering new talents. This will benefit both the clubs themselves and the national team Harambee Stars.The initiative by the President will also see improved Community Engagement.

Stadia serves as the central hub for local communities, fostering social cohesion and promoting healthy lifestyles. They also provide a platform for cultural events and other community activities.

Finally, this initiative will spur economic growth. Successful community clubs will generate revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorship deals, contributing to the local economy and providing financial stability for the clubs.

This President’s initiative will have a significant impact on Kenyan football. The construction of stadia will enhance the overall quality of local sports infrastructure, making Kenya an attractive destination for international matches and tournaments. This increased exposure will lead to greater investment in domestically and internationally Kenyan football.

Furthermore, the development of talent within community clubs will result in more Kenyan players securing contracts with European clubs or other top-tier leagues like the English Premier League (EPL), The Spanish League (La Liga), and the German Bundesliga.

This would boost individual players’ careers and raise the profile of Kenyan football on the global stage.we welcome this proposal Mr. President and request Ababu to expedite the process of instituionalization of the proposal. I also urge the President through Sports Kenya to create a fund to support these community clubs.

Hon. Sam Nyamweya, EBS,

FKF President, Emeritus.

Dennis Mabuka

Dennis Mabuka is a seasoned Kenyan journalist with 18 years of experience covering sports events. He is currently a sport content creator with

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