Friendly Morocco edge out Angola through own goal

Morocco’s Atlas Lions made a strong comeback, scoring a 1-0 victory over Angola in a friendly match on Friday evening in Adrar Stadium in Agadir.

After relentlessly attacking the goal 12 times, the first goal was finally netted in favor of Morocco. The goal was made by David Carmo who made an own-goal in the 71th minute.

Moroccan fans were looking forward to a revival in performance from the Atlas Lions after their sub-optimal performance in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). After reaching the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, the Atlas Lions disappointed fans with their early exit in the African tournament at the Round of 16 after losing 2-0 against South Africa.

The first half of the game marked a heated battle between the two sides, with neither side being able to break the deadlock as the scoreboard remained unaltered at 0-0.

The opening minutes saw Morocco asserting dominance with more possession, pressing forward in search of an early advantage. However, Angola remained resolute, attempting to stifle Moroccan attacks and create opportunities of their own.

Morocco intensified their offensive maneuvers, coming tantalizingly close to scoring on multiple occasions. In the 20th minute, Morocco’s relentless pressure seemed on the verge of paying off as they surged forward, keeping Angola’s defense on high alert.

Dennis Mabuka

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