Cameroon FECAFOOT Shocked Over Brys’ Appointment As Coach

The sports ministry’s announcement appointing Belgian Marc Brys as the next national team coach caught Cameroon’s football organisation (FECAFOOT) off guard.

The 61-year-old Brys will take over as coach of the Indomitable Lions after Rigobert Song was fired in February, according to Cameroon’s Minister of Sports Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.

However, the federation stated on Wednesday that it was shocked by the information, igniting the possibility of a dispute between the football federation and the sports ministry that can result in a suspension for one of Africa’s top football players.

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The Cameroonian Football Federation has learned, at the same time as all Cameroonians, the appointment to positions of responsibility for the national senior men’s football team.

FECAFOOT expresses its great surprise at this act,” the statement said.

“This unilateral decision comes at the same time as FECAFOOT agreed frank cooperation to achieve a beneficial solution for the future of our dear Indomitable Lions.

FECAFOOT intends to seek an explanation on this regrettable situation,” it added.

Typically, the government of several African nations appoints and pays football federations’ coaches; but, in financially constrained federations, this is not the case.

Samuel Eto’o, a former African Footballer of the Year who had a legendary career playing in Europe, is the head of FECAFOOT.

Eto’o has made an effort to show some independence, but he has also had to exercise caution in a nation where the government places a great deal of importance on issues pertaining to the football team.

Paul Biya, the longtime president of Cameroon, is known for his frequent opinions on team matters.

He famously insisted that 38-year-old Roger Milla be included in the lineup for the 1990 World Cup.

The seasoned attacker continued to contribute significantly, making Cameroon the first African nation to advance to the quarterfinals.

More than any other African nation, Cameroon has qualified for eight World Cup competitions, making the Indomitable Lions one of the nation’s most valuable assets.

FIFA, the body that oversees world football, has regularly blacklisted nations when their governments meddle in the football federation’s internal issues.

Two African nations where the restriction has been lifted recently include Kenya and Zimbabwe. On Tuesday, the much-awaited announcement of the new coach was broadcast on Cameroon television.

Although Brys has coached teams in Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and Belgium, this is his first position on the national squad.

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