Africa Athletics: The Franco-Togolese Stella Akakpo, Junior Champion of France’s 60 m-Video-

The Franco-Togolese Akakpo Stella won France Junior championships on Sunday on 60 m after a time of 7 seconds 61 hundredth. The Lille beat her own record of 60 meters (7 seconds 47 hundredth) established last February. At the age of 19, she beat her record last July dominanting on the track of 100 m with a time of 11 seconds 61 hundredth

“She has natural qualities of speed and higher powers compared to others” declared her coach Olivier Montreuil

“Stella demonstrated an incredible mental strength. Between each race, she can discuss with her friends, laughing, but once on the track, she has only one goal: to win. This is a girl who thinks only of victory “said her mother, Suzie.







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