Gossip World Women’s Handball 2013: DRC beaten by South Korea (20-34)

rdcThe vice-champions of Africa are not at their best at the World Cup Handball taking place in Serbia. The Congolese just suffered their third defeat in a row and saw their chances dwindling for the rest of the competition.

After France (13-31) and Montenegro (09-35) respectively in the first and second meetings, DRC has tilted to South Korea (20-34).

If the beginning of the meeting led to believe in a revival of the Africans, the end had another face. Mwasessa Christiane and her teammates, who are in Group A of France can say goodbye to the competition.

At the bottom of the group with 0 points and a deficit of 58 points, they must try hard to beat their last group opponents the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic tomorrow.



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