Africa World Cup 2014: 5 African referees in Brazil!

2b28abb92ba33d6b299cc80a6fac5774FIFA, the international governing body of football revealed Wednesday the list of referees who will officiate during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. 25 trios of referees and eight duos support referees from 43 countries were nominated. Three African officials are retained. No traces of a French arbitrator on the list.

The Ivorian Doue Noumandiez, Gambian Papa Gassama and Algerian Djamel Haimoudi will lead 3 trios of Africans. Doue will be joined by fellow Burundians Songuifolo Yeo and Jean Claude Birumushahu.

Gassama will make up another trio with Cameroonians Evarist Menkouande and Rwandan Kabanda Felicien. Haimoudi will at his turn lead a trio from North Africa with fellow Abdelhak Etchiali and Moroccan Redouane Achik.

Daniel Bennett from South African and Cameroonian Neant Alioum figure among the 8 pairs of support arbitrators. With assistants Senegalese Djibril Camara and Kenyan Marwa Range.

No French therefore selected for the World Cup. This the first time after 40 years of World Cup.

Here is the list of central referees

Europe: Brych , Cakir , Eriksson, Kuipers , Mazic , Proenca , Rizzoli, Carballo and Webb.

Africa: Doue , Gassama , Haimoudi.

Oceania: O’Leary

South America: Osses , Pitana , Roldan , Ricci, Vera Rodriguez.

North America: Aguilar, Geiger, Rodriguez Moreno.

Asia: Irmatov, Nishimura, Shukralla and Williams .

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