Africa Madane Predicts African Team To Win World Cup 10 to 15 Years

According to Hakim Madane, a former Algerian international, an African team will win the World Cup within the next 10 to 15 years.

The “The standard of African football is always increasing, and in the coming years we will see an African team crowned as World Cup champions,” the former JS Kabylie star told CAFOnline in an exclusive interview.

“Yes, I nominate an African team to achieve this.

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“I can say that after 10 to 15 years, one of the African teams will have the possibility to lift the World Cup.”

Madane was known as the “Little Maradona” during his playing career and is regarded as one of the greatest local football players in Algerian history. His legacy will go on forever in Algerian football history because to his colorful past.

“I won many titles as a player. I won the league title and was crowned champion of the Republic Cup, the African Champion Clubs Cup and the CAF Cup and I also participated in three editions of the Africa Cup of Nations in 1986, 1988 and 1992 as a player. This is my pride. I played in Portugal for a full seven years.”

Madane spoke at length about the tournament and how delighted Algeria is to host the seventh edition in four cities, including Algiers, Annaba, Constantine, and Oran, while speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing TotalEnergies African Nations Championship (CHAN) 2022.

The 1980s and 1990s JS Kabylie star praised the CHAN’s planning as a tournament that had given participants many opportunities.

The CHAN, which made its debut in 2009, is a league for players who compete in their national leagues.

“CHAN is an opportunity for the local players to stand out because major tournaments like the World Cup or the Africa Cup of Nations is for all players, but the CHAN is for locals only and this is positive because the local players now have an opportunity to shine and become professional,” Madane explained in detail.

“The matches at this CHAN have so far been characterized by a good technical level, and in the knockout stages the matches will be more dynamic and not as reserved as they were in the group stages,” said Madane, who is currently a member of the Federal Bureau of the Algerian Football Federation.

In the current event, I believe there is a significant chance that new players may emerge.

According to Madane, serving on the Local Organizing Committee for the CHAN 2022 in Algeria has been a transformative experience for him personally.

“For a long time, I wanted to put my experience as a player in management, and I have this hobby where I worked as a manager with JS Kabylie and JSM Bejaia.

Previously, I was responsible for organizing the Mediterranean Games, the Arab U-17 Cup and the North African tournament for youth groups.

And now, I am working at the CHAN based in Algiers,” Madane said with great fulfilment and gratitude.

“We are working in cooperation with the Confederation of African Football during the organization of the seventh edition of CHAN. We are dealing with professional people and learning from them and from their experience especially since Algeria has not organized a major football event since 1990.

“Organizing tournaments like this where everyone will follow the beginning and the end.

Thank God we succeeded in the opening ceremony in a big way, and we see in all the cities that host the tournament, a large influx of fans, especially families.

“This is amazing to see such a phenomenon where a big number of Algerian families are going to the stadiums.

This is a precedent in the history of the country and this matter made me very happy because with the presence of families in the stadiums, several behaviors change, and words also change, and this is a positive and joyful matter.

Interacting with the families is 100% positive and great to experience.”

The quarterfinal stage of the TotalEnergies CHAN 2022, the first edition with 18 teams, has begun with Algeria playing Côte d’Ivoire in Algiers before Senegal takes on its neighbors Mauritania in Annaba on January 27.

Debutants Prior to Niger taking on Ghana in Oran, Mozambique and Madagascar will square off in a COSAFA derby in Constantine.



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