Kenya Patron Nyamweya secures Afraha Stadium for Shabana home matches

Shabana FC Patron Sam Nyamweya has confirmed the team will shift their home matches from Homabay Stadium to Africa Stadium in Nakuru after renovation work on the latter is completed.

The Kisii-based Glamour Boys who earned promotion to the top flight this campaign, have been using Homabay Stadium for their home fixtures after the Gusii Stadium was put under renovation.

With the renovation work at Gusii taking time to be completed, Nyamweya has confirmed talks with Nakuru County Governor Susan Kihika, who in turn promised to give the team Afraha Stadium for their fixtures when ready.

“I would like to thank the leadership of Nakuru County led by governor Susan Kihika for their offering to allow Shabana to use the stadium for their home matches,” said Nyamweya in a signed statement, adding: “This is good news for the team which has been using Homabay Stadium for the home matches.

“The stadium that is undergoing final phase of upgrade in readiness for the matches boasts of modern facilities that meet the standards required for hosting professional football matches. These facilities include well-maintained playing surfaces, seating areas for spectators, dressing rooms for players and officials, media facilities, and adequate security measures.”

Nyamweya further explained why using Nakuru will be ideal for Tore Bobe by saying: “The availability of these facilities ensures that Shabana can host its home matches in a conducive environment that meets the requirements of both the team and the governing football authorities.

“The strategic location of Nakuru Stadium also contributes to its suitability as the home ground for Shabana. Nakuru is centrally located within Kenya, making it accessible to fans from different regions.”

Nyamweya continued: “This accessibility allows Shabana to attract a larger fan base to its home matches, contributing to the overall atmosphere and support for the team. Nakuru Stadium has also a significant seating capacity, which is essential for accommodating the expected attendance during Shabana’s home matches.

“The atmosphere created by a sizable crowd can significantly impact the performance of the team, as well as contribute to the overall experience for both players and supporters. The stadium’s capacity to host a large number of spectators enhances its appeal as the preferred venue for Shabana’s home games.”

Shabana are currently languishing second from the bottom of the 18-team table and will face relegation to the National Super League (NSL) if they don’t improve on their results in round two of the league that kicks off this Saturday.

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