AFCON AFCON 2023: Walid Regragui reacts following Chancel Mbemba’s comments

AFCON 2023 Walid Regragui reacts following Chancel Mbemba's comments

After denying the rumors spread on social networks according to which he had made racist remarks towards Chancel Mbemba, Moroccan coach Walid Regragui explained the controversy with the current OM player.

It’s a story that was starting to gain great momentum on social networks in particular. This Sunday, during the match between Morocco and the DRC (1-1), a big altercation took place between Walid Regragui and Chancel Mbemba.

The Moroccan coach did not appreciate the attitude of the OM defender. And it quickly degenerated between the two men and then between the two teams since in the process, several altercations broke out on the field and in the corridors leading to the locker room.

Chancel Mbemba’s comments in the mixed zone caused a lot of talk. The Congolese international remained very vague. “I respect the coach who is a great man. The television cut the videos, but I have them. I don’t need to throw them around. I keep my silence, it’s better, that’s how I am. Everyone knows me, I respect everyone, I don’t need to shoot anyone but God’s justice is there. When I play football I play normally, I’m not a great player. This word that he said, it is the coach himself who will say it. He himself will speak,” he said.

Faced with the ambiguity of these statements, Walid Regragui wanted to clarify the situation.

“I said to Desabre: ‘Bring him back to me, he’s losing his temper, he’s talking nonsense. I didn’t like it because he insinuates a lot of things. So if he has images other than those that we see on television, let him take them out, with pleasure. And he will see exactly what happened. And this is what happened… Before I go to shake his hand hand, he took me and my assistant to task on the sidelines before the end of the match, he spoke badly to us. And Desabre knows it. And at the end, despite that, I’m going to shake his hand to also tell him: “But why are you talking to me like that?” And there, he looks elsewhere, like “I’m not shaking your hand”. I held his hand, you can see it in the images, and he started shouting in all directions”, first launched the Moroccan coach before continuing:

“I told him: ‘You tell yourself!’ And he said to me: “You called me an idiot!” It’s okay that he heard that, even though I never said it, but by speaking the way he did, he’s implying that my comments are racist, it’s dishonest. As he only talks about religion in his speech, let him be a little honest with himself” told French media l’Equipe.

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