AFCON AFCON  2023: Djamel Belmadi’s justifications after elimination

AFCON  2023: Djamel Belmadi’s justifications after elimination

After their elimination from the group stages of AFCON 2023 and this defeat against Mauritania (1-0), Djamel Belmadi, the Algerian coach once again put on a show at a press conference with fairly astonishing justifications and answers.

This Tuesday, Algeria played its qualification in the round of 16 of AFCON 2023. To reach the next round, it was necessary to obtain just a draw against Mauritania which was still playing its qualification and which needed to win. However, in a new mind-blowing scenario, the Fennecs lost to the Mourabitounes (0-1).

Pointed out for a while for his nervousness and his choices, Belmadi is clearly in danger now at the head of Algeria. After the elimination, he spoke on Canal+ Africa.

“No, I didn’t expect this AFCON to be like the last one. No way. Difficult yes, but not with this sad ending. We didn’t expect that. I have never had to blame my players for anything, but the result is the same…” he said.

“It is certain that on our side, the VAR did not work (…) The line belongs to the coaches and the 4th referee. How come the president of a federation is near the pitch shouting at the referee? It didn’t work the way I wanted it to. I completely accept it. But for me, it’s disrespectful to Mauritania to treat it like a little thumb”, he added.

The Algerian coach also concluded his press conference by recalling all his work since his arrival. “When I arrived, we were 14th CAF, 60th FIFA, now we are 4th CAF and 30th in the FIFA rankings.”

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