AFCON 2021 CHAN / 2022 AFCO : Cameroon Ready to Host Both Competitions

After several months of lockdown due to COVID-19, Cameroon has relaunched activities this week for 2021 CHAN and 2022 AFCON organizations.

During a meeting on Wednesday, it was discussed the of various COCAN 20-21 bodies reactivation and their dismemberments. To begin the final phase of CHAN preparations in Cameroon in January.

A few hours earlier, the Minister of Sport had a working session with the CAF via video conference. Narcisse Mouelle confirmed that the country will be ready for both competitions.

In addition, due to COVID-19, the CHAN planned for this year (April 4-25) will finally take place next January. And the AFCON postponed to 2022.


  1. Yea, we are ready 💪💪

  2. Reply Post By priso ebongue

    ready for what , to support a man who dont even know africa only when he come to play here, bullshit drogba can win thoses elections of ivory coast federation , look here my friends etoo can bring all his cash but the reality is that drogba dont know africa with his context , just the last afcon , he was the guest of one sponsor over there he come to egypt and he never even had the decency to go and visit the ivory coast national in they base like etoo and jay jay who after the tv interview they when strait to visit they respectives nationale team, drogba just jump in the next plane and when back to europe now you are asking peoples to vote for this man, this is madness, money can buy you anything, maybe sex but not love, he must start from the lower structure before trying his luck to be the next chairman , thank

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