Kenya Mwendwa must resign for violating FKF constitution – Nyamweya


Football stakeholders led by Sam Nyamweya have called on FKF President Nick Mwendwa to step aside for violating the federation’s constitution.

In a statement signed by Nyamweya on behalf of the stakeholders and copied to Sports Regiatrar Rose Wasike and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba, the stakeholders accused Mwendwa of failure to hold AGM and SGM as stipulated in the constitution and thus called on him to leave office with immediate effect.

Below is the full statement:

On behalf of football stakeholders in the country I write to raise concerns about the management of our football and the impending Football Kenya Federation (FKF) elections slated for end of February 2024.

Lately, his own National Executive Committee members and members of the Council have written to him to address the concerns that bedevil the federation falling in deaf ears.

Madam registrar, Article 13 as read together with Article 29 of the Football Kenya Federation Constitution mandates the federation to hold a general meeting each year; Article 38 (1) of the federation constitution, provides that the National Executive Committee, shall meet at least once every quarter each year. It shocking from the revelations from the Council and NEC members that neither an AGM nor NEC meetings have been held for the last three years.

This is a clear contravention of the constitution and as stakeholders in the management of football in the country we call for Mwendwa to step down and vacate office immediately. How does he run the federation without the organs that give him power to manage the federation not having sittings? This is gross violation of the FKF constitution.There are also glaring cases of financial irregularities, lack of transparency, and failure to develop and promote football in Kenya.

Mwendwa’s actions have raised concerns among stakeholders, including players, coaches, and fans, who believe that his leadership is hindering the progress of Kenyan football. One of the main issues raised against the FKF President is financial mismanagement. It is alleged that funds meant for the development of football in Kenya have been misappropriated or used for personal gain.

This includes allegations of inflated expenses, unauthorized payments, and lack of accountability in the use of funds. These financial irregularities have not only affected the growth of football in Kenya but also tarnished the reputation of the federation.

Transparency has also been a major concern under the leadership of the FKF President. There have been allegations that decisions regarding player transfers, sponsorship deals, and other important matters are made without proper consultation or transparency. This lack of transparency has led to mistrust among stakeholders and has hindered the development of a healthy and sustainable football ecosystem in Kenya.

Furthermore, there are accusations that the FKF President has failed to implement effective programs to develop and promote football in Kenya. Despite having talented players and a passionate fan base, Kenyan football has not made significant progress under his leadership.

The national team’s performance has been inconsistent, and there have been limited opportunities for young players to showcase their talent and progress in their careers.The mismanagement of the federation by the FKF President has resulted in a negative impact on various aspects of Kenyan football. It has affected the financial stability of clubs, hindered the growth and development of young players, and damaged the reputation of Kenyan football on both national and international levels.In light of these allegations and concerns, as football stakeholders we call upon Mwendwa to step down from his position.

We belief that a change in leadership is necessary to restore transparency, accountability, and effective management within the federation. We affirm that with a new leadership team, Kenyan football can be revitalized and given the opportunity to reach its full potential.

One of the primary challenges the federation is facing is the failure in organizing the 2024 Football Elections in Kenya. There lacks a clear road map for the process. This has led to confusion and uncertainty among stakeholders, who are unsure about the timeline, eligibility criteria, and voting procedures for the elections.

Furthermore, the absence of a transparent and inclusive election process has raised concerns about the fairness and legitimacy of the elections. The 2024 Football Elections in Kenya have the potential to significantly impact the sport’s future in the country. If the elections are conducted transparently and fairly, they could help to restore confidence in the FKF and the broader football community.

This, in turn, could lead to increased investment in the sport, better governance, and improved performance of the national teams.However, if the elections are marred by controversy and disputes, they could further damage the reputation of the FKF and the sport in Kenya, potentially leading to a decline in interest and investment in football.

It is essential that the Kenyan football community, as well as international stakeholders, work together to ensure that the elections are conducted in a manner that promotes the long-term development and growth of the sport in the country.

While I was in office I religiously held all NEC and AGM meetings as per the law. We call upon your office to invoke the law and give guidance on the way forward.

Dennis Mabuka

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