AFCON AFCON 2023: Angola Vs Burkina Faso Confirmed Starting XI

Meeting at the Charles Konan Banny Stadium on Tuesday will mark the conclusion of Angola and Burkina Faso’s Africa Cup of Nations group stage campaign.

After securing a spot in the elimination round almost simultaneously, the teams now tried to emerge victorious in this group to complete as group winners.

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Here is how both teams line up

Angola Starting XI

Neblu, Afonso, Gaspar, Balanga, Carneiro, Estrella, Paz, Fredy, Gelson, Mabululu, Gilberto

Burkina Faso Starting XI

Koffi, Gulebre, Tapsoba, Dayo, Kabore, Sangare, Ouedraogo, Badolo, Ki, Traore, Ouattara

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