Kenya County Association challenge use of Electoral Code 2020 for FKF elections

County Football Association (CFA) have become the first entity to challenge the use of the FKF Electoral Code (2020) for the upcoming Football Kenya Federation (FKF) elections later this year.

On Saturday, the federation’s National Executive Committee (NEC) met and kick-started the process to hold elections and further endorsed the use of the Electoral Code, which was used in the previous exercise.

Presidential aspirants led by Sam Nyamweya, Omondi Aduda and Tom Alila welcomed the use of the Code but CFA through a statement signed by secretary general Wilfred Marori have come out to call on the Sports Registrar to intervene and stop the use of the same.

According to Marori, prior to the last elections, the Electoral Code was challenged in the Sports Disputes Tribunal ruling no. five (5) of 2020 and it was found not suitable for use.

“It has come to our concern that our national sports organisation (FKF) called for a National Executive Committee on January 6 which decided that the 2020 Electoral code will be used in the coming elections late this year for what they termed as consistency and transparency purposes,” read part of the letter copied to Sports Registrar Rose Wasike.

“I want to bring to your attention that: i) The FKF Electoral Code 2020 was challenged in the Sports Disputes Tribunal ruling no 5 of 2020 and it was found not suitable for use.

“The said Electoral Code is not aligned with Sports Registrar Regulation Act 2016, taking in consideration that FKF is registered under sports act 2013 article 47 and evident in article 1.1 of the FKF constitution 2017 which states that: FKF is an organisation of an associative nature registered in Kenya in compliance with the Sports Act No. 25 of 2013 as a National Sports Organization.

It is formed for an unlimited period.iii) FKF is yet to comply with provisions of section 2 to 10 of the Sports Registrar Regulation Act 2016, moreso section 4.3.c which says: “for national governing bodies, evidence of branch offices in at least twenty four counties either at the time of applicationwhich number shall be progressively achieved within three year’s, unless the nature of the sport is such that it cannot be established in several counties;

“FKF has not registered even a single branch.iv) The same illegalities done in 2020 are being repeated and you reminded FKF through their CEO in the letter you wrote to him on October 15, 2020 (attached below) hence we are afraid the same mistakes are going to be repeated.

“We hereby advise that you regulate the conducts of the Football Kenya Federation in accordance with the laws of Kenya in regards to the coming FKF elections and arbitrate the registration dispute between county football associations and Football Kenya Federation before matters get worse.”

Dennis Mabuka

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