Foot Europe UEFA unveils jackpot promised for the new Champions League

UEFA unveils jackpot promised for the new Champions League

UEFA has just revealed the new amounts promised to clubs involved in its European competitions and unsurprisingly, the new Champions League will bring in more money.

Next season, UEFA will launch its brand new Champions League. As a reminder, it will no longer be 32, but 36 teams which will now be qualified. Regarding the format, a draw will determine four groups of 9 teams. Each club will play 8 group matches (i.e. 2 more than currently), but all these people will be grouped into a single general classification.

The first 8 teams will advance to the round of 16, the teams ranked from 9th to 24th place will play a round-trip play-off and the bottom 12 in the ranking will be eliminated. Today, UEFA made a new announcement and not only on the C1. The governing body of European football has spoken money, in response to the crazy sums promised by the creators of the European Super League.

€400 million more for clubs qualified in C1

For the 2024-2027 cycle, clubs involved in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League will receive a total of 3.317 billion euros. Of this sum, 2.467 billion euros will be for the teams competing in C1 (i.e. €400 million more than currently), €565 million for the C3 teams and €285 million for those present in C4. Finally, to know exactly how much each club will receive, UEFA has communicated that it will give the details later. However, she gave valuable insights.

“The above amounts will be distributed according to three pillars: equal shares, performance bonuses and “value”. While the percentages reserved for equal shares (27.5%) and performance bonuses (37.5%) have been increased (+2.5% and +7.5%, respectively), the “value” pillar will be of 35%, or 10% less than the market shares and cumulative coefficients in the current cycle. Detailed explanations as well as the amounts of equal shares and performance bonuses will be communicated by circular letter in the coming days,” we can read on the website of the governing body.

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