Nigeria Iwobi Refutes Retirement Report

Alex Iwobi, the midfielder for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, has refuted the reports of his resignation that have surfaced in some media outlets.

The story that the Fulham FC player wished to leave the national team first surfaced on Monday, following a barrage of vitriol from supporters on social media.

Iwobi reportedly told MTN FC that he never considered quitting international football, according to a source.

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Never did he ever contemplate retiring – Alex loves playing for Nigeria.

“The camaraderie and sense of patriotism is in him, just watch him when he sings the national anthem.

“It’s amazing that we win a silver in AFCON and then he considers that is the point he should retire because some people are trolling.

“That would be ridiculous timing – whoever wrote that is just mischief-making.

Alex is always one of the first to report to camp, that will not change and God willing his best is yet to come.”

“If Alex wasn’t mentally strong he wouldn’t be playing at the level – empty vessels make the loudest of noises.

” We have so many armchair coaches and technicians but it’s only the word of coaches that matters.

“Alex listens to constructive criticism only from credible people and has no time for the ranting of buffoons.

“Mental strength is key in this business as there are highs and lows.

“I believe it’s the minority as surely the majority of Nigerians appreciate the fact that they left their clubs to answer the national call, some at the expense of losing starting berths when they go back”, he said.

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