Africa FIFA rankings: One more place for Togo

togo123-300x181Togo has jumped on behalf of the new Fifa rankings in July. The Hawks, from 73rd move to the 72th place just behind Cameroon (71th) and Libya 70th.

On the continent, Togo occupies the 16th place. The leading trio is occupied by Ivory Coast, Ghana and Mali. On a global scale, Colombia created a surprise by holding the 3rd place.

Africa top 20:

1 Ivory Coast

2 Ghana

Mali 3

4 Algeria

5 Nigeria

6 Burkina Faso

7 Tunisia

8 Cape Verde

9 South Africa

10 Zambia

11 Guinea

12 Egypt

13 Equatorial Guinea

14 Libya

15 Cameroon

16 Togo

17 Senegal

18 Morocco

19 Uganda

20 Gabon

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