Chelsea Pochettino Calls For Fair Officiating In Carabao Cup Final Against Liverpool

The manager of Chelsea, Mauricio Pochettino, warned match officials not to let their feelings about the resignation of Juergen Klopp influence them when making judgements during Sunday’s League Cup final against Liverpool.

Pochettino cited the incorrect dismissal of his team’s penalty appeals during their 4-1 Premier League loss at Anfield last month.

What we need to be sure is that we are going to compete and be fair in every single decision,” Pochettino said on Friday.

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“When we played against Liverpool in Liverpool, I think not one key decision was for us.

“Two penalties were not given. Duels, 50-50s were always for the other colour, always red. I want to be treated in a fair way.”

In an attempt to prevent the’red’ bias in the officiating of the challenges at Wembley, the Argentine manager hopes that Chris Kavanagh, the referee, will not be influenced by the emotions and pressure surrounding Klopp’s final season.

“It’s nice, is an amazing club and I love Klopp.

“It’s his last season here and we go to compete in the same way, both teams, and to see it for both clubs in the same way.

“But after my last experience playing there, what I want in Wembley is to go there and not feel the pressure.

“It is to play a game in the same level and the best team will win. But not to feel the pressure of people around.”

When Pochettino was at Tottenham Hotspur, he was deprived of the opportunity to win English trophy as Tottenham lost the League Cup final to Chelsea in 2015.

Chelsea wants to win the League Cup six times to spark their struggling season, while Liverpool is aiming for a record-breaking tenth Cup triumph.

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