UEFA Champions League UCL: Henry Wants Arsenal To Avoid Man City , Real Madrid

Thierry Henry, the legendary player of Arsenal, has disclosed that the team’s goal in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals is to defeat Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Remember that Arsenal advanced to this round by defeating Porto in the round of 16 in penalty shootouts.

Henry said that the Gunners can play any team, with the exception of Man City and Real Madrid, when the Champions League drawings take place on Friday.

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I have been in both situations as a player where sometimes people didn’t want to play us with Arsenal and we didn’t go really far, and we had a team when we went to the final I don’t think was our best team at Arsenal,” Henry said on CBS Sports.

“I remember when we drew Real Madrid everyone laughed because they said, ‘Arsenal are the team you want’, and we Juve and everyone said, ‘that is a good draw for Juve’, then we played Villarreal, who were a good team at the time, then they aid, ‘it is good to play Arsenal’, then obviously we couldn’t win the final.

I’m just saying, you can never disrespect anyone in Europe.

“There are two teams there who can be cocky – it is Real Madrid and Man City, that is about it. The others, you just take who you can play.”

He added, “Man City are the team to beat still, for me. I know Pep, it not how he’s going to take it, I was just putting it out there.”

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